If you are an 80s baby like me, then your childhood was most likely dominated by Nickelodeon! Shows like Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Wild & Crazy Kids, or All That!, and movies like Good Burger were regulars on my television. I dreamed of going on a Nickelodeon game show so that I could have the glory of being SLIMED!

Sadly, as a child, I never got my shot at being SLIMED, but this Summer my luck is turning around because Nickelodeon is bringing its SLIME CITY pop up to Atlanta!! Nickelodeon Slime City is the first-ever pop up that is 20,000 square feet, dedicated to all things slime!

Nickelodeon Slime City Experience!

The excitement driving into the Slime City parking lot is palpable; you are immediately greeted by neon green Slime City signage and plush orange carpet that beckons you into the main lobby. This is where the magic begins! The lobby is a waiting area until your official entry time arrives, but in the meantime be sure to take photos with the Slime City Sign, or browse through the Slime Store where you can grab awesome merch like t-shirts, slime kits, and yummy treats!

Once your entry time has arrived you are welcomed into a secret door and this is where the fun really begins! You are given a special safety briefing that encourages you to take photos but warns against running and horseplay. Then you are given a scavenger hunt card, that you complete throughout the experience so that you can get SLIMED at the end! Next, you are sent on your way to experience the eight totally unique theme rooms to interact with slime in different forms.

Slime HQ

This feels like a factory of slime where you can pull levers, turn dials, push buttons, and best of all get your hands covered in slime! Roo was surprised to find that the slime felt warm and wasn’t sticky at all. Don’t fret parents; there are plenty of paper towels to clean up any slime residue before heading to the next room.

Slime HQ

SlimeLight Club

Are you ready to boogie down? Then this is the room for you! The Slime Light Club is a neon Technicolor dream complete with bumping music and neon markers to leave your stamp on the walls of the pop-up!

Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City

Great Wall of Slime

This was probably one of our most favorite rooms to experience. The Great Wall of Slime is essentially a giant pin wall where you can create shapes and silhouettes with your body or the provided cutouts. The pegs are made of sturdy plastic so the girls had a lot of fun pushing and pulling the pegs and even balancing on them!

Nick Hall of Slime

I will admit that my kiddos were a little too young to understand the significance of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and the Slime Hall of Fame, but it was pretty nostalgic for us to see the iconic Nickelodeon podium and get to hold an actual Kids’ Choice Award Blimp! **Secret tip: The Blimp is also a kaleidoscope so take a peek through it after you give your acceptance speech!

Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City

Slime Bubble-torium

The Slime Bubble-torium was my personal favorite room, not only because it was super interactive with a mix of real balloons and clear beach balls, but also because I am a HUGE Spongebob Squarepants fan so to wield giant bubble wands was a dream come true!


**Sensory alert: If your child is sensitive to loud noises I would recommend bringing their noise-canceling headphones, especially for this room. Roo was startled by the accidental popping of the balloons and eventually opted to retreat from the bubble room altogether.

Slime-tennial Park

This slime-inspired playground was probably the favorite for Lightning Bug! She was able to swing on tire swings, spin on a merry-go-round, and bounce around on the plush green carpet, in a room that pays homage to Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park.

Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City

Slime-down Lounge

If you are into giant beanbags and cool mood lighting, then this room is for you! After you take off your shoes you get to dive into a beanbag the size of a pool. This room provided a place for the girls to roll around, crawl, and just take in the magic that is the bean bag. It was also the last stop before SLIME TIME!

Slime-down Lounge

Slime Central – 100% optional

It’s here, the moment you have been anxiously waiting for. The Slime Time crew will direct you to put your shoes in a cubby and hand you a clear poncho as you head up to the iconic stage to get your chance to be slimed! As the countdown echoes, you squeeze your eyes shut, and before you know it goopy green slime comes splashing down! Roo squealed with delight and escaped relatively dry aside from her feet. She thought it was awesome!

Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City

**Tip: This process happens pretty quickly once you are in place, so families taking pictures, be ready as soon as the countdown starts!

Slime City Extra Special Add-ons

Make Your Own Slime – $12

Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City
Nickelodeon Slime City

Ready for some behind the scenes action? With the Make Your Own Slime Add-On you get to visit the official Slime Lab and create your own signature Nickelodeon green goo to take home! The girls loved this experience, as they were able to add googly eyes, sequins, and beads before adding the special ingredient to make stretchable slime!

VIP Sliming – $30

So you want the Ultimate Slime Experience? Then opt for the VIP Sliming Add-On! Your Slime Time will be SOLO and after you are covered in green goo, you get to take home a limited edition ‘I Got Slimed’ t-shirt!

Nickelodeon Slime City Helpful tips:

  • Be on-time (preferably 5 minutes early) for your specific entry time. The popup operates on entry times and you don’t want to miss out on the fun because you were late. Check for traffic (it’s Atlanta, you know there will always be traffic) and plan accordingly.
  • Bring noise canceling/reducing headphones if your child is sensitive to loud noises. Nickelodeon Slime City is filled with awesome music, but for kids on the spectrum, the combination of lights, music, and touch exhibits may create sensory overload.
  • Don’t rush through the experience. Overall it takes about 45 minutes, but you can quickly get caught up in the excitement and want to rush to see what the next room holds. Take a deep breath and enjoy what each room has to offer, I promise it will make your experience that much better!
  • Plan your kiddos attire as if you were going for a day at the park in shorts and a t-shirt. Avoid long pants or jeans as they will most likely get slimed. The slime will wash out of your clothes!
  • Hold onto your poncho. If your poncho is hanging out in the middle of your head, the stream from the slime may shift it, which could leave you soaked. Roo held her head slightly forward and she escaped with slime free.

Logistical Details:

Location: Piedmont Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center, 3330 Piedmont Road Northeast (next to the “Disco Kroger”)

Hours: Mon and Tuesday – CLOSED, Wednesday – Friday: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Price: $29 General Admission. Children under 2 are free. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance and there is a limit of 8 tickets per transaction. Tickets are only valid for the specific date and time you are assigned when you purchase your tickets.

Need more info? Head over to http://www.nickslimecity.com