5 Tips for an Amicable Gay Divorce

December 3, 2017Blog, Family + Lifestyle

Before I dive into this blog post, I just wanted to offer words of encouragement if you were here looking for advice for your situation, as someone who has experienced a gay divorce I know how tough it can be. If you’re facing a gay divorce, especially if you have children, the primary goal should … Read More

Postpartum Confidence Boost with Eloquii

November 22, 2017Blog, Family + Lifestyle

  Motherhood. It is one of the most amazing and challenging journeys that I have ever embarked on. Throughout each of my pregnancies, I am tormented by the awful pregnancy condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum (yep, the same as Kate Middleton). If you have some knowledge of medical terminology, then you can dissect that hyper means excessive, … Read More

Family Game Night with Gigamic Games!

November 6, 2017Family + Lifestyle

In our house, as with many other households, the weekend is the highlight of the week. We alternate our Friday nights with Movie Night or Game Night. This week, just in time for Game Night we received some games from, Gigamic, and they were the perfect addition to Game Night! Yogi We started Game Night … Read More

Love Wins? Facing a Gay Divorce after Gay Marriage

July 13, 2017Blog, Family + Lifestyle

I remember being in the trenches fighting for marriage equality as early as 2008. At the time I was living in Florida, and the concept of gay marriage was a foreign one. Amendment 2 had just banned same-sex marriage, and as a young black queer person, I just assumed that marriage would never be something … Read More