Holiday Tips for Children on the Autism Spectrum

November 21, 2017Life on the Spectrum, Travel

The holidays can be a wonderful time to get together with family and friends from near and far, but for a child on the autism spectrum, the holiday gatherings can be a source of stress. Here are some tips to help you prepare yourself, your child, and your family members/friends for holiday gatherings!  Plan it out. … Read More

Bye Bye Traditional School, Hello Homeschool!

September 11, 2017Blog, Life on the Spectrum

The challenges of having a child on the spectrum compounded with traditional school can sometimes be a blessing, and at times a curse. Being in school allowed for Roo to socialize with kids her age, learn in an environment that catered to gifted children, and to be honest it gave me an opportunity to get … Read More


September 1, 2017Life on the Spectrum

Waiting… The wait time for a child to be evaluated, for any type of disorder that even remotely falls on the “mental health” spectrum is abhorrent! When a family has a child that is facing a multitude of challenges, but they have zero resources to help their child, it leaves them feeling helpless and desperate. … Read More


July 6, 2017Life on the Spectrum

Gymnastics programs are a great tool for kids; they promote fitness & health, coordination, flexibility, social skills, self-confidence, and discipline. These skills can particularly beneficial for kids with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since watching Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles compete in the 2016 Olympics Roo has been begging to give gymnastics a try! With our … Read More